GridMarkets - Envoy V4

Faster Drug Discovery Breakthroughs

GridMarkets' Envoy plug-in is the pathway to accelerate even your most complex molecular simulations and virtual screens easily, at scale, and on-demand. 

Our proprietary Envoy interface seamlessly and securely integrates with MOE, NAMD, GROMACS, Amber and QuantumBio. It is built and designed to eliminate the complexity of running computational demanding molecular simulation and screens at scale. No special technical skills or infrastructure are required. With a  simple push-button workflow, Envoy expedites your file transfers to/from GridMarkets Pharma's unique, pay-as-you-go (MOE pricing / other pricing) molecular simulations and screening cloud platform. 

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Download Envoy

A GridMarkets account is required to use Envoy. Create your free GridMarkets account and receive free trial credits -  then download Envoy by clicking one of the following download buttons for your operating system version. 

Envoy: Setup Suggestions

A few suggestions to keep in mind when setting up Envoy:

1) Your operating system . . .

  • Mac users: Requires High Sierra (OSX 10.13.6) or higher.  If you are presented with a security warning on open then please right-click and Open the app,

  • Windows users: Please run the installer under an Administrator account or right-click to “Run as Administrator”.  A reboot may be required to complete the installation.

2) Before launching Envoy . . .

  • ensure the following firewall ports are open: HTTPS port 443, and 5000, 5001 & 8003 to,

  • some virus protection software, particularly Kaspersky and Windows Defender, can block Envoy so you may also need to disable them or whitelist gm-envoy.exe locally on port 8090.

3) If you cannot login . . .

  • open a shell or command prompt and run telnet 8003 (or 5000 or 5001) to make sure you can connect.

4) If you are still having issues . . .

5) Envoy release notes . . .

6) Submission plug-ins...

  • The MOE submission plug-in is included with the Envoy download

  • The Amber, GROMACS and NAMD submission plug-ins require a CLI download

Envoy: Setup and Submit

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