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MOE Pricing


GridMarkets pricing is all-inclusive. No hidden fees mean our quoted price includes the cost of: machines (32 threads/64GB), data storage, data egress, all simulations software and operating system licenses.Control your project’s cost and budget with the following customizable options:

  1. Number of concurrently running machines (1 to 60)

  2. Configuration of machines used during the simulation

  3. Duration of your simulation

  4. Credit bonuses of 80% for CCG enterprise and academic customers. Contact us.


Further maximize your budget with our two pricing models: on-demand hourly and fixed rate pricing. With Hourly On-Demand Pricing, the total machine hours consumed are billed at a machine-per-hour rate. Our Fixed Rate Pricing is determined by the number of selected machines needed for a pre-set, longer duration of time.

Hourly On-Demand Pricing

On Demand

Running a single simulation? Then GridMarkets’ hourly on-demand pricing is the the most cost effective option for you. Simply select the number of concurrently running machines and the submission run duration that best optimize each project’s budget and timeline. Use only what you need for exactly the duration you need it.

Hourly On-Demand Calculator 

Use the below budget calculator to estimate each simulations project's submission cost per hour with varying machine counts. Slide the red balls to the left and right to find the price-per-concurrent machines used to fit your budget and timeline. 

The machine configuration default is 32 threads/64GB.  We can support larger configuration machines if needed.

NOTE: the price per machine hour decreases with increased job duration as illustrated in the following examples:

  • Example #1: MOE submission using 10 concurrent machines with a job duration of 2 hours

    • 10 machines x $27.42/machine hour x 2 hours = US$ 548.40 (estimated)​

  • Example #2: MOE submission using 10 concurrent machines with a job duration of 20 hours

    • 10 machines x $19.52/machine hour x 20 hours = US$ $3094 (estimated)​

Both of the above examples use the same number (10) concurrent machines. But because example #2 has a longer job duration than example #1, the cost/machine hour decreases to US$19.52/machine hour vs. example #1's US$ 27.42/machine hour.

Fixed Rate Pricing


Running multiple simulations in a set-period of time? Need to stay within a specific budget? Then GridMarkets’ Fixed Rate Pricing option is your best value. Our Fixed Rate Pricing plans offer the ability to run as many simulations projects as you need over a pre-selected period of time for one budget-friendly price. Simply select the number of machines and the pre-set time option to match your run-time needs. Run as many simulations as you need during your fixed-rate time selection.

Fixed Rate Calculator 

Use the below table to estimate each simulations project's submission cost for varying machine counts and varying durations to fit your budget and timeline. 






































All-inclusive fixed rate examples:​

  • 10 MOE machines for a half-day = US$ 1,871

  • 5 MOE machines for 12 weeks = US$ 49,428

  • 10 MOE machines for 26 weeks = US$ 149,813

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