On Demand Credits

Purchase On Demand credits to render and to simulate here.  Any desired credit amount can be created by adding credit combinations to  your cart.  See our Subscription option to acquire credits at a discount and with other included benefits.

We have created a calculator, HERE, to help you to decide how many credits may be needed.   Start by rendering a few representative sample frames on GridMarkets (e.g. using your free credits).  Enter the total render time for those representative frames into the calculator.  Contact us at Support@GridMarkets.com if you have questions or need help estimating your project cost.

NOTE: it is also possible to gift credits to your favorite artist (or studio).  See HERE.

If you have any questions, check out our 30 second video below, or contact us at Support@GridMarkets.com



Refunds: If a frame(s) fails due to a GridMarkets system or hardware issue, we will refund the cost of the affected frame(s). We are always happy to work with our customers to examine other issues that may occur and might be out of our control. As our investigations can take up to 72 hours, a good strategy is to first test a single frame to ensure all is well before submitting the entire job.

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