Subscription Credits:

Studios or freelancers with large projects or regular work should consider purchasing GridMarket Subscription Credits.  Subscription Credits include a number of compelling benefits (see below) that are not offered with our On Demand credits.  Use this page to purchase Subscription Credits - which will be automatically credited to your GridMarkets account each month until you cancel the subscription.


Note: subscription credits purchased do not expire.

Option 1

  • 500 rendering credits/month

  • 50 GB project file storage


Option 2

  • 1000 rendering credits/month

  • 100 GB project file storage

  • 10% On Demand discount 


Option 3

  • 3000 rendering credits/month

  • 500 GB project file storage

  • 15% On Demand discount

  • Rush at Standard prices


Option 4

  • 7500 rendering credits/month

  • 1 TB project file storage

  • 25% On Demand discount

  • Rush at Standard prices



NOTE: Contact us at should a customer subscription be of interest.


  • Project file storage - Your project files will persist in the GridMarkets cloud as long as your subscription is active.  This means that you can collaborate and share up to 1 TB of files for the duration of your project without the need to re-upload files.

  • On Demand discount - Should you need to supplement your Subscription Credits with On Demand Credits, an active GridMarkets subscription will permit you to purchase the On Demand Credits at discounts between 10% and 25%.

  • Rush at Standard prices - Rush permits your submissions to run at 2x the speed of Standard (as Rush commissions 60 machines while Standard commissions 30).  An active subscription permits the speed advantage of Rush but avoids the premium cost of the Rush service over the Standard service - a 50% savings.​​


(See HERE to learn how to stop your GridMarkets Subscription.)



Refunds: If a frame(s) fails due to a GridMarkets system or hardware issue, we will refund the cost of the affected frame(s). We are always happy to work with our customers to examine other issues that may occur and might be out of our control. As our investigations can take up to 72 hours, a good strategy is to first test a single frame to ensure all is well before submitting the entire job.

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