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Run MOE Securely on 1000s of Cores without Token Limitations


Recorded September 16, 2021: Run MOE Securely on 1000s of Cores without Token Limitations

CCG and GridMarkets have entered into an exclusive agreement to allow MOE to be run on GridMarkets’ secure cloud-based platform without using clients’ own MOE tokens - a “pay-as-you-go” model for MOE. GridMarkets’ turnkey solution allows submissions directly from the MOE interface or a command line to 100s of high-performance, highly secure servers. Your submission is encrypted end-to-end, and made push-button simple to run your simulations on 1000s of cores without consuming your own MOE tokens. Scale up or down in machine count or configuration, and set budgets for your simulations, on a per-job basis. All your project data is automatically uploaded and results are automatically downloaded. No end-user management of machines, data, or tokens is required, as GM takes care of all these aspects.

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