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 Scientific Visualizations



2022 Feb 17


Toronto-based Kate Xagoraris works at the intersection of visual effects and science. She has created numerous visualizations of complex scientific processes - that are both scientifically accurate and aesthetically compelling. In this webinar, Kate will be showcasing how to visualize proteins associated diabetic functions in the human body. Attend this webinar to learn the techniques and technologies that Kate uses to create her compelling molecular visualizations.​

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 Molecular Modeling in the Cloud:

A turnkey solution for scalable sims


2022 Mar 16

Chemical Computing Group will showcase how, in just 4 simple steps, you can set-up a high-performance MOE calculation on the GridMarkets cloud. This will be done in the context of recent developments by CCG in the modeling of proteolysis targeting chimeric systems (PROTACs). PROTAC molecules represent a novel paradigm in the field of drug discovery, wherein target proteins are degraded through the ubiquitin-proteasome system.

NuChem Sciences will then present their use of MOE via GridMarkets to enable a virtual screening campaign at an unprecedented scale.

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