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Built to Create Competitive Advantage

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CROs: Accelerate and Lower the Cost of Discovery

Tackle the most complex drug design challenges faster and more affordably to gain competitive advantages.  Built specifically for you in collaboration with trusted cloud providers, respected computational chemists, and leading software simulations partners, GridMarkets' molecular simulation and screening platform changes the game for Contract Research Organizations (CRO).   Our service, which involves no upfront fees, is simple to set up and submit and provides secure access to unlimited machines and simulation licenses on a pay-as-you-go basis. 

Want to learn more?  Interested in a demo? Have questions? We look forward to meeting you over a virtual coffee.

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Accelerate Breakthrough Results

Manage your project demands by scaling up or down with unlimited secure AWS or Oracle machines and  Amber, GROMACS and NAMD licenses. Run multiple client projects concurrently.

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Maximize Your Comp Chem Team’s Time

Reduce costly Comp Chem down-time waiting for local machines to run computationally intense molecular simulations. Delegate time-consuming sims to GridMarkets.

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Shed Fixed Costs 

Pay only for the simulation time each project consumes - nothing more. Pricing is all-inclusive of machine time, licenses, data storage and egress.  Pay by the hour or select a machine cluster by the week.

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Focus on Your Goals not Infrastructure Admin

Setup in 5-minutes using 3 simple steps. Submit directly from your favorite simulation software or via a command line interface - no special skills or training are required.

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