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Extraordinary Results for Computational Chemists

Our customers’ success is at the core of our DNA. From freelance computational chemists to drug design organizations of all sizes, GridMarkets Pharma empowers pharmaceutical innovators worldwide to solve even the most complex drug discovery projects faster and at a lower cost.  


But don’t just take our word for it – read what our user community is saying about GridMarkets Pharma’s  scalable, budget-friendly, high performance cloud computing molecular simulations and virtual screens solutions.

What our Customers are Saying

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“In a few minutes we easily docked over 2,000 compounds in MOE with GridMarkets' secure cloud.”

— Ivan Franzoni PhD

Computational Chemist, Sr. Scientist


“Distributed computing is GridMarkets' greatest value. I can run multiple, single-CPU jobs without using local MOE licenses or impact to my local MOE session.”

— Matt L.

Computational Chemist

“It typically takes 20 days to locally process 509 PROTACs with 1.3 million possible ternary complex combinations. With GridMarkets these simulations were accelerated to 3 days!”

— Michael D., PhD

Scientific Applications Manager

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“GridMarkets' platform enables us to show how modifications improve protein therapeutic behavior using realistic, aesthetic animations.”

— Russ L., PhD

President & Founder

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“GridMarkets is leading the transformation of  how computational chemists work. The Envoy plug-in enables democratized HPC access to spin up a project on 100s of cloud-based CPUs.”

— David L.

Sr. Director of Structural Chemistry

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“GridMarkets platform is amazing! Very fast speed and an easy-to-use plug-in.”

— Tien N., PhD

Computational Aided Drug Design

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