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Built to Empower Freelance Comp Chems

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Remove Design Limitations

What's limiting your drug design consulting services: local machine constraints, expensive software licenses, limited infrastructure skills or some combination of these?  The GridMarkets molecular simulation and screening service, designed and built by computational chemists, addresses these limitations and empowers freelance computational chemists with unprecedented benefits including:

  • Maximize Design Time: Free your local machine(s) for design work by delegating time consuming simulations and screenings to GridMarkets.

  • Setup and Submit Easily: Our workflow is push-button easy.

  • Scale when Needed: Accelerate results by scaling machine and license counts as needed to levels typical of large pharmaceuticals.

  • Pay by the Hour or Week:  Our machine-hour or machine-week charge is inclusive of all costs including machine, licenses and data related fees; pay only for what you consume with no upfront fees.  We can invoice your client directly.

Our platform is encrypted end-to-end and is built on the highly secure infrastructures of our cloud partners.  Check out our case studies to discover how computational chemists solve the seemingly impossible with GridMarkets.


Want to learn more?  Interested in a demo? Have questions? We look forward to meeting you over a virtual coffee.

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Scale when Needed

Get your results back much faster - by increasing the machine count per simulation and by running simulations concurrently.  GridMarkets has access to unlimited secure machine resources and software licenses.  Simply specify the number of machines needed - and our workflow will take care of the rest.

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Easy Setup and Submission

Setup and submit to GridMarkets in, literally, seconds.  Simply download and setup our plugins, and you are ready to go.  Submit from your preferred molecular modeling software or via a command line interface .  See the links below for getting started and for comparing our setup process with creating your own cluster.  

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Maximize Design Time

Most freelance computational chemists have invested in a powerful local machine or two.  This machine(s) typically is adequate during the molecular design process - but becomes a bottleneck when running simulations.  By submitting your simulations and screenings to GridMarkets, your local machine remains free to support design.

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Pay by the Week or Hour

Pay by the fractional machine-hour used.  Or, specify a cluster count and pay a fixed price for the week.  For both options, our charge is all inclusive (i.e. of machine, software licenses, data related and all other costs).  There are no hidden or up front fees.  

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