Case Study: Scale Impossible Chemistry Mountains


In this case study webinar series, learn how NuChem Sciences rescued a sponsor's complex drug design challenge faster and more cost efficiently with GridMarkets' On-Demand molecular simulations and screenings services. 

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Challenging Drug Discovery Project: Cloud Computing to the Rescue (Recorded Dec 1, 2021)

Dr. Ivan Franzoni, Sr. Scientist with NuChem Sciences, shares how his team easily scaled a  mountain of "impossible" chemistry to complete the project on time and within budget by using GridMarkets' game changer, on-demand simulations and screenings service options.




Accelerate Building Synthetically Feasible Libraries from Virtual Screens in MOE (Recorded Oct 22, 2021)

Ivan Franzoni PhD,  Senior Scientist with NuChem Sciences presents his team's complex Kinase-based case study and how they cost-effectively, accelerated their build of synthetically feasible libraries from virtual screens in MOE by leveraging commercially available building block databases and the on-demand sims and screenings power of GridMarkets cloud. 


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