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We Are GridMarkets Pharma

Amplifying Creativity

GridMarkets is a unique, molecular simulation and screening platform built to accelerate drug discoveries easily at scale and on-demand.  

We are on a mission to empower pharma leaders and computational chemists around the world with access to cost-efficient, pay-as-you-go, leading drug discovery software tools.


Our Story

Over a decade ago in a Hong Kong coffee shop, entrepreneurs Mark Ross and Hakim Karim started a cloud and Grid-computing technology company called GridMarkets. Their focus was  to remove access and cost barriers to secure, high performance compute resources for creative innovators like computational chemists and virtual effects artists. 


GridMarkets Pharma is designed to eliminate the complexity and risk of running computationally demanding molecular simulation and screen workloads at scale.  We also reduce overall run costs by removing the large up front expenses of traditional solutions. This gives pharma leaders of all sizes access to the cutting-edge technical resources to empower their success and growth.


Through our exclusive partnerships with respected organizations including Oracle, AWS, Chemical Computing Group and QuantumBio, we offer unparalleled access to software licenses and machines - with a simple push button workflow.

With offices in San Francisco, Philadelphia, Kuala Lumpur and Bangalore, GridMarkets is globally diverse with team members connected by our passion for creativity, collaboration and innovation.  We strive to create a culture of inclusion, empowerment and equity for the good of our customers, community and team.  We challenge the status quo, and respect and learn from each other's unique experiences to continually seek new ways to build, experiment, and create value.

Meet Our Team


Mark Ross


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Hakim Karim


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Rosa LinkedIn Headshot.jpeg

Rosa Altimiras

Vice President, Global Marketing

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Wendy LinkedIn Headshot.jpeg

Wendy Niemann

Marketing Communications Advisor

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M LoBue from LinkedIn.jpeg

Michael LoBue


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Allan Young LinkedIn Headshot.jpeg

Allan Young

Non-Executive Director

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Our Scientific Advisors

Andy Jennings LinkedIN Headshot.jpeg

Andy Jennings, PhD

Computational and Medicinal Chemist

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Josh Gibbs.jpeg

Josh Gibbs, MSc

Scientific Development


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Keith LinkedIn Headshot.jpeg

Keith Trollope, PhD

Information Technology Consultant

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ross walker 2.png

Ross Walker, PhD

Senior Scientific Computing Advisor

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Our Partners

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