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Amber Molecular Simulations at Scale

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Purpose Built to Power Drug Discovery

Are your local molecular dynamics and simulation licenses and compute resources limited?  Do you need to scale your molecular mechanical force fields simulations?  GridMarkets has a turnkey solution for scaling Amber simulations.  Setup in (literally) seconds and submit to our cloud clusters using a simple command line interface.   Easily manage the unique timelines and budgets for any drug discovery projects - on a pay-as-you-use basis.

Want to learn more?  Interested in a demo? Have questions? We look forward to meeting you over a virtual coffee.

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Scale as Needed

From protein dynamics to peptide modeling and everything in-between, run molecular simulations at scale and concurrently. We provide the CPU and GPU powered machines and licenses needed - without impact to your local Amber md simulation resources.

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Easy Setup and Submit

Easily set-up and launch md simulations in seconds. Use a command line to access thousands of high-performance servers running Amber software. Results are automatically downloaded - no end-user management of machines, data, or licenses is required. 

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All-Inclusive Pricing

No hidden costs for machines, data storage, data egress, simulations software licensing. Scale and configure machines to fit your Amber molecular modeling project budget and timeline on a per-job basis with our Hourly On-Demand and Fixed Rate pricing options.   

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Securely Built

Our cloud-based Amber molecular dynamics simulation  service is built on the highly secure AWS and Oracle infrastructures. Your submission is encrypted end-to-end. 

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