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Getting Started 

In a few simple steps, set-up and begin submitting your QuantumBioAmber, NAMD and GROMACS molecular simulations  from any workstation.  GridMarkets will then securely run your submissions and automatically return your results.   

1.  Create your free GridMarkets account. See the "Free Trial" button in the upper right margin.  After completing the signup process, five (5) free credits will be added to your account to trial our drug discovery service.  These credits expire if unused +14 days from account creation.​ 

download envoy

2.  Download EnvoyEnvoy is used to upload and download files, manage jobs and more.  Use the buttons that follow to download the version of Envoy for your operating system (for details, see "More on Envoy")

Envoy download buttons.png
Envoy download buttons (2).png
Envoy download buttons (1).png

3. Download our GUI tool.   Use the buttons that follow to download the Graphical User Interface submission tool for your operating system (see a sample of the GUI HERE).  Or, if you are a power user and prefer to submit using a Command Line Interface, skip this step and see step 4 below.

4. Review our Submission Instructions.  The buttons below link to the submission instructions for each of our services.  If you are a power user and prefer to submit using a Command Line Interface (instead of the submission GUI), the submission instructions cover how to do this.  Note that QuantumBio submissions are submitted via MOE (see HERE).


Submission Demo

Check out the 5 minute video below to learn how to submit an AmberMD or other molecular simulation to GridMarkets. Setting up and submitting to GridMarkets takes minutes and can save hours or even weeks in molecular simulation time. 

Amber antibody design Bioinformatics biologics design CCG Cheminformatics cloud molecular modeling simulation dynamics computational chemistry computer aided molecular design Docking drug discovery GROMACS MOE Molecular protein Modeling NAMD virtual ligand screening biologics biologics design biologists biotechnology Chemical Computing Group crystallographers dna modeling Drug Discovery Software fragment-based discovery gpu accelerated molecular simulations Ligand Receptor ligand-based design Medicinal Chemistry medicinal chemists moesaic molecular dynamics simulations in the cloud molecular operating environment molecular simulation molecular simulations in the cloud molecular visualization peptide modeling peptides pharmaceutical pharmacophore Discovery Protein Analysis Protein Modeling Protonate States QSAR rna modeling Scaffold Replacement simulation simulations small molecules structural bioinformatics structural biology structure database structure-based design virtual screening vls openeye orion computational drug discovery

More on Envoy

more on envoy

GridMarkets' Envoy plug-in is the pathway to accelerate even your most complex molecular simulations and virtual screens easily, at scale, and on-demand. 

Our proprietary Envoy interface seamlessly and securely integrates with NAMD, GROMACS, Amber and QuantumBio. It is built and designed to eliminate the complexity of running computational demanding molecular simulation and screens at scale. No special technical skills or infrastructure are required. With a  simple push-button workflow, Envoy expedites your file transfers to/from GridMarkets Pharma's unique, pay-as-you-go molecular simulations and screening cloud platform. 

If you are having issues . . . send your Envoy log (under the Portal View menu) to

Envoy release notes . . . view Envoy features that have been added over time

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