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Managed Services

Don't have the time to prepare or to optimize your simulation?  With our Managed Services option, GridMarkets Tech Support will join your team to help prepare and optimize your scene for submission within your budget and timeline. 


Maintain Creative Focus: We manage the submission details so you can focus creatively.​

Save time/money: GridMarkets prepares and optimizes your project for simulation.​

Meet Project Deadlines: We manage the node count/config to ensure your deadline is met.



The Managed Services rate is $US200/hour, with a 1 hour minimum charge, paid with GridMarkets credits.  Our fee will be refunded if for whatever reason GridMarkets fails to queue your submission.  Note that the Managed Services fee does not include run-time charges (see our pricing table HERE for details).



All GridMarkets registered customers can request Managed Services - except for students - sorry, you will need to complete your assignments without the help of Managed Services.


Next Steps:

Contact us at if you have questions or are interested in exploring Managed Services further.

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