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About the Webinar

Visual effects artist Kate Xagoraris transforms MOE simulation data into stunning visuals, animations and scientific models for greater communication impact.

In this webinar, learn how to create cinematic quality visuals from MOE simulations using the powerful and gold standard of 3D animation software: Houdini and GridMarkets services. Specifically, this webinar will include:

  • an introduction to Houdini,

  • an overview of how to export MOE data into Houdini,

  • a description of how to measure and model proteins with Houdini.

Download Kate's Houdini Toolkit for this Webinar

About the Presenter

Kate Xagoraris, Scientific VFX Artist

Kate Xagoraris, Scientific VFX Artist

Kate is an internationally renowned visual effects artist, writer, Professor and Industry Mentor. Drawing on her strong VFX background, Kate helps researchers and scientists translate their innovative discoveries into stunning visuals to effectively increase the communication impact of their work across a broad range of media.

She hosts a Houdini User Group for VFX artists, “Scientific Design in Houdini” that encourages “outside the box thinking” with scientific data and focuses on the beneficial role of visual effects in the scientific visualization and technology worlds. In addition, Kate runs a VFX site for artists to help them better understand Houdini’s scientific visualization value across many research fields including: biology, quantum materials, marine studies and astrophysics.

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