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ACS Fall 2022 Webinar Registration

Tuesday - August 23, 2022 - 1:00PM CST

Dr. Westerhoff describes how to breakthrough the drug discovery simulations barriers of speed, accuracy and cost by running QuantumBio at scale on GridMarkets Pharma simulations cloud.

Dr. Westerhoff is an entrepreneur and computational chemist. He helped start QuantumBio when he was a grad student at Penn State University. Dr. Westerhoff is a published scientist with projects involving the development of methods for the application of quantum mechanics, molecular mechanics, and free energy simulation in the life sciences, X-ray crystallography, and computer aided drug discovery. He has successfully overseen the research, development and deployment of advanced technology within QuantumBio and implementation of these tools in the pharmaceutical industry.

Lance is participating in the ACS Fall Conference in Chicago. If you would like to meet with Lance in person, contact him at

Join us and receive free credits to simulate 50 ligands to get you started on accelerating your free energy binding sims.


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