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Drug Discovery in the Cloud











Easily install our MOE, Amber, NAMD and GROMACS plugins to securely submit as many molecular simulations as needed in parallel.  Each submission can concurrently run on the number and config of machines that you specify.  Accelerate the biologics design process to reach clinical trials faster, at lower variable cost and with greater confidence.

SIMPLE: Download, setup, submit in minutes

FAST: Run large ​and/or many molecular simulations in parallel.







SCALABLE: We supply the  requisite simulation software licenses.

SECURE: Learn more about our security model HERE.


Testimonials and Coverage

GridMarkets provides an off-the-shelf tool for easy access to cloud-based high performance computing for computational chemistry. The promise of being able to spin up a job to run on hundreds of CPUs with just a few mouse clicks will fundamentally change the way we work. Furthermore, this will lead to the democratization of HPC access to smaller pharmas and biotechs who can't afford software licensing for compute clusters or a dedicated cloud specialist to manage the instances

David L., Senior Director of Structural Chemistry, major global pharmaceutical

GridMarkets’ platform enables us to show how modifications improve protein therapeutic behavior using realistic, aesthetic animations.

Russ L., PhD, President & Founder, biotech startup


How it works - setup

How it works - submit



Pricing for our cloud molecular simulations is all inclusive; there are no hidden costs.   That is, pricing covers the cost of (32 threads/110GB) machine(s), data storage, data egress and all simulation software and operating system licenses

*** MOE Enterprise License and academic customers - contact us for special pricing.

Simulation costs are determined by the:

  1. number of concurrently running machines (between 1 and 60), 

  2. the duration of the submission (hourly or weekly).

Pricing by the hour: The slider below estimates the submission cost per hour with varying concurrent machine counts.

  • EXAMPLE 1: for a MOE submission that uses 10 concurrent machines over a 2-hour period, the cost will be . . .  (10 concurrent machines) * ($37.10/machine-hour) * (2 hours) = $USD742.

  • EXAMPLE 2:  for a MOE submission that uses 1 machine for 3 hours, the cost will be  . . . (1 concurrent machine) * ($55.59/machine-hour) * (3 hours) = $USD167.  



Pricing by the week:  Use the table below to identify the cost for varying machine counts and varying durations in weeks.

  • EXAMPLE 1: Choose 5 MOE machines for 12 weeks for a total cost of $USD 49,301.

  • EXAMPLE 2: Choose 10 MOE machines for 26 weeks for a total cost of $USD 149,936.





Submission costs can be paid for using the Paypal option below or via our user portal (a GridMarkets account is required - see HERE).  Contact us if you would like to make other payment arrangements.

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