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Protein ligands black and white molecular simulation accelerated with GridMarkets Pharma HPC cloud platform.

Achieve drug discovery breakthroughs faster

We empower pharma leaders worldwide to accelerate complex molecular simulations and screenings easily, at scale and on-demand.

Secure, Simple and Scalable Molecular Sims and Screens

One-click Opens Unlimited Possibilities

No special tech skills or infrastructure required to setup and to submit.

With one-click, GridMarkets' Envoy seamlessly integrates with NAMD, GROMACSAmber and QuantumBio.  Easily run molecular simulations and screenings with customized machine counts and configurations.

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GridMarkets High-Performance Cloud Speeds Drug Discovery And More


Accelerate Drug Discovery

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Set-up and submit simulations in seconds. 

Scale to Meet Demand

Choose machine counts and configs to meet your budget and timelines. Run simulations in parallel.

Licenses  Included

We supply all simulation software licenses and tokens with no impact to your on-site resources.




No minimum or hidden costs; Pay only for what you use billed per machine-second.

Control Costs


Your data and simulation processing are secured end-to-end.

24x7 Support

Our global team of cloud engineers and computational chemists are available 24/7.

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Setup and Submission Demo



Check out the 5 minute video below to learn how to submit an AmberMD or other molecular simulation to GridMarkets. Setting up and submitting to GridMarkets takes minutes and can save hours or even weeks in molecular simulation time. 

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